Lascassas Baptist Preschool and COVID-19




Do you support this closure? 

Yes. We are in full support of the social distancing instructions as set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and the orders given by Tennessee Governor, Bill Lee.


What measures have you taken as far as sanitation and cleanliness goes? 

LBP is dedicated to cleaning appropriately and often.  As a licensed school with the State of Tennessee, we are required to use bleach as a part of our cleaning and sanitizing.  On Friday, March 13th, staff took additional measures and the Pastor of Lascassas Baptist Church, Dr. Kenneth Summey, called on their custodial team for additional cleaning during this first week of closure.  Since then, there hasn’t been any additional cleaning and our classrooms have not been used. 


Will your teachers and educators continue to be paid during the COVID-19 related closures?

Yes.  All staff will continue to receive pay. 


Will families receive discounts or refunds for COVID-19 related closures?  If so, how much?

Yes.  Tuition due for April will be waived.  We have decided that this will replace the earlier information promoting a percentage-based discount for the two-week closure and beyond.  Waiving April’s tuition is, quite honestly, a much more generous gift to our families. 


The percentage-based discount method is only a 10% weekly discount, such as what we do for Fall Break and Spring Break.  If we continue to do the original percentage-based method for the five-week closure, you would be required to pay 50% of your tuition due for one week of school, which is just nonsense. We hope you can see the rationale behind this.  If you have already paid your tuition through the end of our semester, refund checks will be issued. 


Will families receive an additional credit for Spring Break? 

No.  Spring Break is an already occurring event on our calendar and therefore no more discounts or credits will be given for the week of March 30 – April 3, 2020.  Discounts for that have already been included in March’s tuition.  Waiving tuition for the month of April is the only discount/credit that will be given at this time. 


Will this change the way you follow the Rutherford County Schools calendar?

No.  We model our year and calendar after RCS and we will continue to do so. 


If a “sick week” school closure is required next school year for the normal flus that occur each year, will you issue refunds or discounts?

No.  According to our Parent Handbook, refunds and discounts are never given in the case of a Rutherford County School closure, unless noted.  However, with the unusual nature of what is happening with COVID-19, we felt discounts were necessary and a special exception was made. 


What if I haven’t paid the Summer Holding Fee, Summer Activity Fee, or Fall Registration Fee?

If you intend to stay at LBP, these fees are due when we return to school.  We have set a tentative due date of Tuesday, May 5th.


What if I have to leave your preschool and go to another preschool

If you are unable to find care during these closures and have to resort to applying for another school, a prorated Registration Fee for the rest of this semester ($20) will be refunded to you, as well as any other fees you have paid for the summer and fall if you elect to stay at your new preschool.  If there are families that have already gone to another preschool, please let us know so that we can issue your refunds in a timely fashion. 


Will Spring Picture Day be rescheduled? 

We have spoken with Tri Star Photography’s office manager and they are waiting to see what the next few weeks hold.  He will call as soon as he knows when a reschedule is possible. 


If we are closed additional days after April 24th, we will have to reevaluate what this means for our school and for the rest of the semester.