We have a waiting list in all classrooms.  If you are interested in enrolling and would like to be added to our waiting list, please give us a call at 615-895-2370!

Forms for Enrollment

Print one of each PDF for your child's file to be kept at LBP.  The Infant Feeding Plan is only for families enrolling an infant. 

Infant Feeding Plan.pdf 638.2KB
LBP Enrollment Agreement 2023-2024.pdf 335.7KB
Fall Registration Form 2023.pdf 201.6KB

Extra Info

The Parent Handbook and Licensing Standards are for your records only.  They do not need to be returned to school. 

DHS Summary of Licensing.pdf 388.1KB

LBP Parent Handbook 2023-2024.pdf 344.0KB
2024 Pricing 54.9KB